Andalusia Backlot Set

The backlots outside our studios and the Andalusia Backlot Set (Mexico, Colombia or Latinamerican look) include spaces for new construction and workspace in the immediate proximity to our sound stages. The Andalusia Backslot Set, was used originally for the filming of Eldorado a British soap opera produced by the BBC. Set in the fictional town of Los Barcos on the Costa del Sol in Spain and based around the lives of British and European expatriates.

The Andalusia Backlot Set at 5 kms from Loasur Studios is unique. Different streets in a Mediterranean style including the church, the square, a lake, different types of bungalows and several swimming pools.

  • convertible into any small city from countries like Spain (Andalusia), Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Salvador, etc.
  • a commercial center
  • a residential area inside the compound
  • several swimming pools and an artificial lake
  • a desert backlot
  • a gas station
  • a forest