Filming in Southern Spain

Our full production services include: Support: for international producers and production companies when shooting in Malaga and Southern Spain. Locations: we can help find and scout locations. Rentals: we rent production space and post production suites. Production Planning: we assist with planning, budgeting and scheduling. Permits: we can assist with permits of all types. Pre- Production: we will assist in setting up your production base. Crewing: we know the best crews and will find the right people for your project. Casting: we can organize casting sessions, and coordinate with casting directors. Sound Stages/ Studio Rentals: we liaise with sound stage and studio rentals, and advise you on best choices. Production Office Rentals: we source and rent production office space, small or large. Catering: we know the best caterers and will make sure your crew won’t have to work on an empty stomach. Travel and Transport: we coordinate travel, transport and logistics. Accommodation: we assist with short or long term accommodation, from hotel rooms to luxury apartment rentals and more. Production: we provide production and support services during your shoot, and offer full-service line-producing. Post-Production: we set up and support post-production, from assembly editing during the shoot to full-scale picture and sound post-production. Mobile Editing: we provide mobile editing solutions. Insurance: we will help to arrange the right coverage and ensure your project conforms with all insurance requirements. Storage and Shipping: we can arrange long and short term storage, and coordinate all your shipping needs.